The Helpful Solar Guide for Pakistan

Welcome to most helpful guide about Solar power in Pakistan.This is often initial article on solar powers that are going to share with you. This guide will help you to choose the best solar system for homes who’re looking for a best solar energy system in Pakistan.


Load shedding,power blackouts, UPS battery and high electricity bills issues! sound familiar to all Pakistani. Solar panels emerged in the form of one of the alternative to energy problems and counter power. Solar panels becoming popular across both rural and urban areas which have factors of no electricity at all. Some projects at higher level is under development like Quaid-e-Azam solar park at Bahawalpur and able to generate 1000MW of electricity.

Solar panels uses solar energy to generate electricity by using other solar system equipment.

What is a Solar Panel?

Solar panel is the active part of solar system which absorb sun’s rays and later it convert in to electricity. Solar panels consist of glass frame and photo voltaic cells. By using light shine they convert it into DC current. Poly-crystalline panels have dark blue color and have power to generate more electricity than other type of solar panel (mono-crystalline). Mono-crystalline have black color without having edges and also small in size.

Home solar panel measures 65″ by 39″, while for commercial solar panel cosist of 77″ by 39″.

Types of solar panel in Pakistan

The most preferred and used solar panels brand names in Pakistan are Canadian Solar, Solar World,Trina Solar, JA Solar, Jinko Solar and Rena Solar. These all brands also available on Canadian Solar is manufactured in Canada and most commonly used solar panel in Pakistan. These all solar panels have mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline. These panels also perform well in low light or bad weather conditions.