Solar System Vs Other Power Solutions

The Pakistani government has started planning many different projects to overcome to the problem of load shedding. Due to some financial constraints or lake of equipment, the projects have not been completed on their completion date being delayed further and further. The government has give confirmation that these energy projects won’t be completed on time and load shedding would continue until the current government’s term finishes.

This may cause of excessive load shedding during summers because the demand of electricity is gradually increases with the passive of time. The best option to overcome the load-shedding during coming summer season or any other time is by installing a Solar energy or other power solution.

Every system has its own advantages, and choosing one of them depends upon the requirements and cost-effect.

UPS is the one of the most used and basic solution to reduce load shedding. It is less costly and also easy to maintain. The major disadvantage of UPS is that it can’t operate heavy voltage items like a air conditioner or other heavy devices.

Generator is a much better solution and also it can handles high voltage items. Its big disadvantage is that it causes pollution, requires lots of maintenance, and noise pollution.

Solar system is a comparatively advance way to handle load shedding. It decrease our electricity bill and it requires a lot of cost to be installed.

Maintenance –


The batteries need regularly checked water levels. Battery usually replaced after 1 ½ years or 2 years and after well maintain battery life is increase up-to 3 years. Regularly cleaning connector or replacing connectors after a year also increases battery life.


Heavy generator can support the entire house electricity including television,air conditioned and refrigerator. A diesel and petrol generator needs to be oil changed after 100 hours.Oil changed cost is between 1,000/- to 1,500/- RS for a 1.5 – 2 KVA. After 2 – 3 times oil changed generator needs tuned up which cost 300/- to 400/-.

Solar System:

Solar systems usually does not require any maintenance but it requires battery replacement after every 4 years and is also recommend by us to check the glass of solar panels. The more clean glasses generates more electricity than dirty glasses.

UPS is affordable and easy to maintain. Generators less expensive but creates suffocation problems . Solar systems needs less maintenance and save electricity bills but have high cost factor.