Advanced Energy Solution for Pakistan-Solar Power

In Pakistan, fossil-fuel based energy is most commonly used. Now, the advance energy solutions available are hydro,wind, solar power and nuclear.

Pakistan is leading towards a huge energy shortfall crises which is up-to 2000 MW to 4000MW.

As we know that Pakistan is one of the countries on which 365 days sunshine falls. Which produce 14KW/ hour solar energy on 10 square meter area which is huge in size but the challenge how to use it?

The Solar Arrays

Solar arrays are rich source of solar energy and it’s number of Watts relates to it’s size. To consume more solar energy requires deploy larger the solar arrays.

Solar Controller

Solar controller is used to manage the electricity to charge the batteries at specific values without damaging it. Photo voltaic cells converts solar energy into the electricity and solar controller control this electricity and charge the batteries.


The most efficient type of batteries are gel based, which are maintenance free. On the other hands there are other type of batteries also available which are acid based (needs more maintenance and less efficient).

Power Invertor

Power invertor is used to make stored energy to usable for household appliances like fans, refrigerator etc. Power invertor is the output source of solar power which used batteries stored energy.