WellSee MPPT 30A 12/24V Charge Controller


WellSee Charge Controller

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT in short) system is a system which allows PV panels to outputs more Power by adjusting working condition of the electrical module. In Figure1 A indicates that the ordinary controller, which makes PV battery work on 12V ,only outputs a power point of 53W (a general power point), B indicates that MPPT controller makes PV battery always work at the maximum power point, thus outputs the power point of 75W (the maximum power point).

Product features:

  • Applicable to various types of batteries,
  • MPPT function
  • Temperature sensor battery charging compensation
  • Overload protection (automatic restoration)
  • Overcharge protection
  • Short circuit protection (automatic restoration),
  • Thunder protection
  • Reverse discharge protection
  • Reverse polarity connection protection (automatic restoration)
  • Under voltage protection


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Model WS-MPPT30 30A
System Voltage 12VDC/ 24VDC
Max Battery Current 30A
Max Solar Input Voltage 24VDC
Warranty 03 Months



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