JA Solar JAP6 72-325/4BB 325W Poly


JA Solar JAP6 72-325/4BB 325W Poly

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JA Solar Model Number JAM6(k)-72-330/PR
STC Rating 330.0 Watts
CEC PTC Rating 302.9
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 46.49 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.31 Amps
Frame Color Silver
Origin China
Power Tolerance -0 / +5W
Module Efficiency 17.02%
Area 20.85 ft²
Weight 58.42 lbs.
Length 77.0 in.
Width 39.0 in.
Height 1.8 in.
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Product Description

JA Solar JAP6 72-325

The JAP6-72/4BB has a higher capacity and power output performance per unit area. It also includes a 4% reduction of transportation costs, a 3% reduction of land costs, a 2.5% reduction of installation costs and a 1.5% Reduction of BOS-costs. Triple

With monocrystalline Percium solar cells, the JAM6(k)-72-325/PR solar panel is a reliable solar module for residential and commercial PV applications.

This 325 watt JA Solar panel uses 72 Percium JACM6PW-4 four-busbar (4BB) solar cells, a high-efficiency mono cell using passivated backside and local BSF technology. The 4BB design of the solar cell reduces cell series resistance and stress between cell connection lines and improves the reliability and the efficiency of modules.

Key Features:

  • Engineered for high reliability
  • Monocrystalline cell technology w/ PERC passivated back sheet
  • Aluminum-BSF (back-surface field)
  • 4-busbar (4BB) cell design
  • Excellent anti-PID performance
  • Double electroluminescence (EL) tests guarantee fault-free modules
  • Double printing technology lowers contact resistance and reduces grid-breakage of cell conductor tracks
  • 100% automated production facilities using state-of-the-art plant technology



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