Setec Solar Pump Inverter (VFD)

Setec Solar Pump Inverter


1. Solar power inverter for 3 phase water pump motor
2. Stainless steel, waterproof shell with IP65
3. High efficiency>98%
4. GPRS function (optional)
5. LCD display
6. With Soft start, VFD, MPPT

1. Adopting the dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method & optimized SPWM; Fast response and stable operation.

2. IPM (intelligent power module)electronic design and transformer-less, conversion efficiency 98%, high reliability.

3. AC drive function for small solar power inverter. When is no sunshine, such as at night, solar power inverter can connect to AC city power to work by manually if AC power is available. But (this function is optional).

4. Solar power inverter can be built-in GPRS receiving module(this function is also optional). You can operate this inverter remotely through your PC or mobile phone with our provided website, user name and password.

5. Adjustable speed range of pump based on the actual situation of the system.

6. Setting parameters and fault detection through LCD display. (43*29mm) and keys, easy operation, good view through LCD when setting parameter, feel comfortable.

7. Patented low voltage boost device for small pump to reduce solar panel to save money.

8. Working environment temperature: -10 to 60 º C

9. Stainless steel and waterproof shell, waterproof fan good for cooling

10. System protection
A. Dry Well
B. Over Flow
C. Output Overload
D. Low Input Voltage
E. Over Input Voltage
F. Over Temperature
G. Lighting
H. Reverse Polarity

11. No starting Box Required

12. Water storage instead of battery power storage, no need battery.


· Remote Villages, Homes, Cabins and Hunting Lodges (home use)
· Irrigation for remote orchards, gardens, and greenhouses (irrigation water)
· Wildlife watering at wild game parks and farms (irrigation water)
· Fish pond water level maintenance and aeration (home use)
· Swimming pool circulation& filtration pumps (home use)
· Surface water pumping for landscaping streams and waterfalls (home use)
· Cattle, Livestock watering systems (animal husbandry )
· Water supply for sea island
· Water treatment projects, for example, sea water desalination.



Feel free to contact us:
Mobile: 030 77 381 381


Model SGY
Max Input DC Voltage 750VDC
MPPT Efficiency 98%
Inverter Efficiency 96%
Recommended MPPT Voltage Range 480~600VDC
Phase 3 Phase Ac Pump


Warranty 01 Years


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