ADA Solar Pump Inverter (VFD)

ADA Pump Inverter

Simple and Easy High Efficiency MPPT Fully Automatic Running Water Level Control Max. High Conversion Efficiency High Reliability Water Head : 300m Max. Water Flow :800m3/Day Output: 3AC 380V Ac 415V.

  • The system includes different power supplies like solar, battery, grid power or diesel generator power solar pump inverter,
  • In the day time , the solar power supply is on priority, and meantime to charge the battery: in the night, the power supply can be switched to grid power or diesel generator power. The battery can be taken away for home use solar pump price.
  • The system build-in an intelligent charge module and a DC boost module, which makes the solar panel always works at maximum efficiency, and also the inverter works at a stable power supply condition solar tubewell price.
  • Safe, less noise, long-life and no environmental pollution most suitable for small power system


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Model SP1200
Max Input DC Voltage 800VDC
MPPT Efficiency 99.9%
Inverter Efficiency 97%
Recommended MPPT Voltage Range 450~600VDC
IP Grade IP20


Warranty 01 Years


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