AE Solar 50W Mono-crystalline



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For over 12 years we have been dealing with the planning, designing and installation of solar energy plants all over the world. With our own production of modules of 500 MW per year and photo-voltaic components, we are your ideal partner when it comes to investing in renewable energy.
We are a leading company in the field of photovoltaics. As a manufacturer of solar modules and solar components, we deliver products to our partners around the globe. We also support partners and customers worldwide in realizing all possible solar solutions. Take advantage of our high quality products and our preserved know-how for your projects.
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Model AE50M
Nominal Power – Pmp 50W
Max System Voltage 1000V
Nominal Power Voltage – Vmp 17.3V
Nominal Power Current – Imp 2.89A
Open Circuit Voltage – Voc 21.8V
Short Circuit Current – Isc 3.18A
Solar Cell Efficiency 17.5%
Dimensions (cm) (L x W x D) (63 x 54 x 3)
Warranty 12 years
Solar cells Mono-crystalline Silicon
Weight 4.5 KG (Approx)



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