Renesola 255Wp Virtus II Poly-Crystalline


                               ReneSola 255W Virtus II

The new, breakthrough, Virtus®II solar module is an ingenious combination of the high quality and efficiency of Mono-crystalline modules, with the lower cost of Multi-crystalline modules. ReneSola’s innovative ingot growth technology improves the uniformity of the grain size and preferred orientation, resulting in higher minor-carrier lifetime and lower dislocation density. The outcome is significantly increased cell efficiency. The company’s innovative, controlled, DDS production process for the Virtus® A ++ wafers produces far fewer defects than conventional multi-crystalline silicon wafers. This enables Virtus®II solar modules to achieve a 4% higher power output, yet maintain the same LID and CTM loss.


  • Reliable and stable supply of raw materials.
  • Micro crack-proof packaging patent.
  • 25-year power output warranty.
  • Obtained multiple internationally recognized Certifications.


Feel free to contact us:
Mobile: 030 77 381 381


Model JC 255M-24/Bb
Nominal Power – Pmp 255 Wp
Power Tolerance 0 – +5W
Nominal Power Voltage – Vmp 30.4V
Nominal Power Current – Imp 8.39A
Open Circuit Voltage – Voc 37.5V
Short Circuit Current – Isc 8.86A
Module Efficiency 15.7%
Cell Type Virtus II (Poly-Crystalline)
Warranty 10 years
Number of Cells 60
Weight 19 Kg



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