GH Solar 260W Mono-Crystalline


About GH Solar (Belgium):

GH Solar is active in Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. Because of the increasing demand from European countries where subsidy schemes for green energy are in place, GH Solar is at present looking for branches in the Czech Republic, Turkey and Bulgaria. GH Solar is also starting up its activities in other continents such as Canada to meet the requirements.

We guarantee an excellent and a professional service. That is also the recipe behind the exponential growth that GH Solar has experienced in recent years.

The quality of a solar panel depends on two factors: the component choice and the process stability.

GH Solar leaves neither of these to chance. We therefore choose our components carefully. During and after the assembly each panel is subjected to enforced tests. Only when the product passes our extensive inspection, may it leave our factory.

Thanks to these stringent quality controls, the stability of our production process and the good ecological performance of our production site, GH Solar is able to deliver solar panels that have been awarded authoritative certificates.

Feel free to contact us:
Mobile:030  77 381 381


Model GH260M156
Nominal Power – pmp 260W
Power tolerance 0~+3%
Nominal power voltage – vmp 31.74V
Nominal Power current – Imp 8.22A
Open circuit voltage – Voc 37.68V
Short circuit current – Isc 8.75A
Cell efficiency 16%
Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 1640x992x40mm
Warranty 12 years
Solar Cells Mono-crystalline
Weight 18kg


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