Aleo Solar 260W Mono-crystalline


                          ALEO SOLAR

Strong Performance:
Due to the unique combination of components, the
high-efficiency modules from aleo solar are particularly
powerful. With the high efficiency, the aleo S18
offers maximum performance compared to the small
overall area required. This also means: less effort
and less material for installation. This increase in efficiency
and the long-term high energy yields of aleo
S18 ensure efficient operation of your photovoltaic
system. The quality of aleo modules is continuously
tested and confirmed by independent institutes. aleo
modules are sorted with a positive power classification.

The performance is guaranteed by aleo solar for
25 years, the product guarantee is for 10 years.

We have a strong reputation in the solar industry with our appreciation for every detail and our uncompromising quality standards. Since its first year of production, aleo solar has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 for quality management and DIN EN ISO 14001 for environmental management.  Our modules are VDE-inspected, fulfil protection class II and are certified according to international standards IEC/EN 61215 and IEC/EN 61730 – they thus meet the essential requirements for performance, load capacity and durability, which we also underscore with our extensive guarantees.


Feel free to contact us:
Mobile: 030  77 381 381


Model S19G260
Rated Power – PMP 260W
Number of Cells 60
Nominal Power Voltage – VMP 31.4V
Nominal Power Current – IMP 8.44A
Open Circuit Voltage – VOC 38.3V
Short Circuit Current – ISC 8.91A
Module Efficiency 16.1%
Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 1660x990x50mm
Warranty 10 years
Solar Cells Mono-Crystalline
Weight 21 kg





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