Solar On Grid 3 KW Inverter Oelmair German


The design of the inverter series PAC-S, the use of high-quality components, the component
-saving thermal management as well as the highest certified quality standards guarantee a
long life time of the inverters.
The display clearly informs about the status as well as the yield of the PV system and allows
the installer a quick start up.
The inverter series PAC-S has an outstanding robustness against frequently occurring
distortions in the electric mains and therefore guarantees a smooth power generation.
The holistic MPP tracking procedure combines the advantages of several
proven procedures. This enables optimal electricity generation and
highest possible solar yields.
The transformerless inverters by OELMAIER Technology with
performance of 2, 3, 4 or 5 kW are the result of long-term
experience in power electronics and the innovative
power of OELMAIER Technology.
The units of the S-series owns a boost converter, which will
enlarge the input voltage range. This creates a high degree
of flexibility in the combination of the PV modules to the
various strings.
The above-average quality standard is shown in the
fact that the 8-year guarantee can be extended to


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PAC-S Technical Data
The string inverter series PAC-S has special kWh performance due to an intelligent mix of yield-relevant characteristics. The intuitive
operation of the graphics display, the compact design as well as connection options enables simple installation. Protection type IP 44 as
well as the optionally available cooling system coolPAC allow the use of the inverter even under most difficult environmental conditions.
A comprehensive range of monitoring systems (logPAC), fast and exact software for systems dimensioning (PACdimension) as well as
exceptional service complete the offer of OELMAIER Technology.


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