KACO Powador Grid save-Eco 48V


KACO Powador Grid-Save Eco (Energy Manager)

Made in Germany

How we put our demands for high quality in research and development, manufacturing, and quality management into action on a world-wide basis.
We turn passion into power.
“We are committed to worldwide regenerative energy, based primarily on solar power. We see ourselves among the leading companies globally in all our fields of activity.

This means that our products are of the highest quality and at the most technologically advanced level worldwide. Our company locations all over the world ensure our future viability.


The well-known Powador Gridsave Eco storage system ensures highest flexibility thanks to its modular approach  the operator selects the battery capacity according to his requirements.
– In the event of grid failure it can switch over to back up power without virtually any interruption.
– In pure off-grid systems the Powador Gridsave Eco practically becomes the heart of the system and undertakes the energy management complete with the control of any additional energy sources such as diesel generators for instance.
– The Powador Gridsave Eco can be installed as a 1-phase or as a synchronized 3-phase system making use of all known features depending on the target number of components.
– The Powador Gridsave Eco storage system is a fully integrated, turnkey energy storage and management system from KACO new energy: it combines batteries, control unit and inverter in a compact stand-alone housing.
– The system uses long-life lithium-ion batteries with a high depth of discharge.
– The batteries collect the solar energy during the day and feed the home power grid on a delayed basis so that the owner benefits from maximum power consumption.
– The battery capacity is variable: up to five modules, each with 1.35 kWh, can be incorporated in the housing as 19″ plug-in units.
– The DC coupling makes the Powador Gridsave Eco ideal for integration in new photovoltaic system.

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Model Energy Manager Powador Grid Save Eco
Max Power of AC-Coupled Solar Inverter 10KW
Peak Output Power (<30Sec)  12KW
Battery Voltage Nominal  48V
Max Efficiency  96%
Nominal AC Voltage 230V
Weight (Kg)  40
Dimension (HxWxD) mm  690 x 375 x 220


Warranty  03 Years


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