InfiniSolar Hybrid Inverter 3KW 48V


Infini 3KW Hybrid Inverter

(3 in 1- Hybrid / Off-Grid / On-Grid)

• Pure Sine-Wave output
• Microprocessor controlled to guarantee stable charging system
• Multiple operations: Grid tie, Off grid, and grid-tie with backup
• Built-in MPPT solar charger
• LCD display panel for comprehensive information
• Multiple communication
• Green substitution for generators
• User-adjustable charging current up to 25A

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Model Solar Inverter 3Kw Hybrid
Rated Output Power 3000W
Max PV Input Power 3200W
Efficiency DC to AC 93%
Battery Nominal DC Voltage 48V
Dimension, D X W X H (mm) 170 x 415 x 420
Weight (Kg) 15.5
Max AC Input Current 20A



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