Baykee 5KW MPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter


Baykee Solar Hybrid Inverter (MPPT)

BK-NK Low-Frequency Pure Sine-Wave Hybrid Solar Inverter can provide reliable power to all major important electronic devices, widely used in commerce, home and workstation. The system is highly stable and delivers maximum saving from PV due to its running modes where maximum PV Input is utilized at any given time.
Capacity range is from 1,000W to 6,000W. It is suitable for all kinds of loads, like air-conditioner, TV, POS systems, refrigerator, PC and power tools. It can fully support Air conditioner, refrigerator and other home instruments, and it could also connected with drilling & welding machines and sensitive equipment such as large laser printers.


– Pure Sine-Wave 220V Output
– Peak-Load Handling Up To 250%
– Built-In MPPT 50A & 100A Solar Charger
– Surge, Over-Load, Short-Circuit Protections
– Hybrid, Off-Grid & Real-Time Input Sharing
– Transformer-based Design for Inductive Load
– Optional: Wind Power Support up to 1,600W


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Model NK-5KW
Rated Power 5000W
Power Efficiency 85%
Warranty 01 Year
MPPT Controller 100A
 Output Waveform Pure Sine-Wave
 Battery Voltage  48V



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