Baykee 10KVA Solar Hybrid Inverter


BAYKEE TYN11 Series  (Single- Phase)

 Main Features:

1. Pure sine wave output design.

2. Emergency AC bypass.

3. With the sixth generation IGBT, the working efficiency of inverter much higher and the heat dissipation better, more reliable.

4. User-friendly operation and visual parameter, optional language and logo.

5. Intelligent distribute load type, improve the use ratio effectively.

6. Solar system transfer rate is 97% max.

7. It is completely able to load from 0-100% while no need to change to bypass, which make sure the output reliable.

8 .Cold start.

9. Generator compatible.

10.With RS232 and RS485 standard interface, optional SNMP and dry contact connection.

Work model description:

1. When solar power sufficient, system will turn to solar inverter model automatically.

2. When solar power insufficient, it will limit charge current, delivery the power to load as much as possible.

3. When power of load is greater than or similar to the power that solar absorb, solar ups can choose AC power supplemental priority or battery power supplement, then guarantee the load can work normally.

4. If the AC power is not available (grid power or generator), system will choose battery power to discharge automatically.

5. When solar power recover, solar ups start automatically, to start the recycle energy conversion.


TYN series solar UPS capacity from 1KVA to 20KVA, by means of 100% network environments adaptability which are widely used in the network office environment of following sides such as BC billing center of communications, BCS BTS communication station, bank, ATM, stock exchange firm, transportation, electric power, industry and any other profession vocation.


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Model TYN11-10KVA – MPPT
Rated Power 8,000W
Power Efficiency 90%
Max Input Current 61A
Weight (Kg) 146
Battery Voltage (VDC) 192
Output Wave-Form , Phase Pure Sine-Wave , Single Phase


Warranty 01 Year


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