/, Solar Panel/Rizen Solar RSM72-6-320P-340P/4BB

Rizen Solar RSM72-6-320P-340P/4BB

Product Characteristics

Model No.
RSM72-6-320P RSM72-6-325P RSM72-6-330P RSM72-6-335P RSM72-6-340P
Product Warranty 12 Years
Power Warranty 10 Years of 90% Output Power, 25 Years of 80% Output Power
    Key Features
  • Global, Tier 1 bankable brand, with independently certified
    state-of-the-art automated manufacturing
  • Photon lndependent field testing- Ranked in the top 2 of 176 international suppliers
  • lndustry leading lowest thermal co-efficient of Power
  • lndustry leading 12 years product warranty
  • Excellent low irradiance performance
  • Excellent PID resistance
  • Positive tight power toleran ce of 3%
  • Dual stage 100% EL lnspection warranting defect-free product
  • Module lmp binning radically reduces string mismatch losses
  • Warranted reliability and stringent quality assurances’ well beyond certified requirements

Certified to withstand severe environmental conditions
• Anti-reflective & anti-soiling surface minimise power loss from
dirt and dust
• Severe salt mist, ammonia & blown sand resistance, for seaside,
farm and desert environments
• Excellent mechanicalload 2400Pa & snow load 5400Pa resistance