LMI / LMC Yarn Consumption Meter

Range:0-99,999 Inches or Centimeters

The Check-Line LM Series Digital Consumption Meters accurately measure the amount of yarn being fed from a textile machine feeder to a take-up device during one or more cycles or rotations of the machine cylinder.

LM units are ideal for comparing yarn consumption from feed to feed and machine to machine on circular and flat bed knitting machines, and for other textile processes where yarn length is to be accurately measured

Two LM types are offered:

Models LMC and LMI manual type, where operator actuates and deactivates the measuring system after one or more operation cycles. (LMC is calibrated for centimeters; LMI is for inches). The consumption per cycle is then determined by dividing the total yarn consumption by the number of cycles or revolutions

Models LMC-S and LMI-S magnetic sensor type, where operator pre-sets number of cycles or revolutions (0-99) for the measuring period, eliminating the need to visually count the number of cycles. A small magnet is affixed to the rotating or moving part of the machine while the sensor is mounted on the frame. Each time the magnetic passes the sensor it actuates the instrument’s electronic counter.

Operation – LMI-S / LMC-S

In “Auto” mode a permanent magnet is mounted to a revolving part of the machine. The sensor supplies the start/stop signal. The predetermined number of revolutions (from 1- 99 rev. set on the rotary switches at the front side) are counted and the comulated yarn consumption is displayed.


Range 0 – 99,999 Inches (or cm)
Accuracy +/- 0.2% of displayed value, +/- 1 digit
Resolution 1 Inch (or 1 cm)
Display LCD, 8mm high
Measuring Wheel Access 4mm wide x 270
Operating Temperature 50 to 120 °F (10 to 45 °C)
Max Line Speed 1500 m/min (4921 ft/min)
Pre-settable Cycle Capacity 0 – 99 (LMI-S or LMI-C models only)


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