Fluke 434/PWR Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer


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The Fluke 434/PWR power analyzer is the ideal tool for finding energy waste in commercial and factory buildings and equipment. Electricians, field service engineers and maintenance technicians can use this special edition instrument to conduct energy consumption studies and electrical load analysis, and to perform power quality logging and analysis according to EN 50160. Fluke’s 434/PWR is a complete three-phase troubleshooting tool that measures virtually every power system parameter: voltage, current, frequency, power, energy consumption, cos f or power factor, unbalance, and harmonics and inter-harmonics.

The Fluke 434/PWR is an upgraded version of the popular 434 model. It now includes the previously optional logging feature, Inrush and Transients measurement functions. In addition, it includes four iFlex 430, flexible current probes and a new soft case. The bundled PowerLog software enables logged files to be downloaded and reports generated automatically (the standard voltage leads and clips are included).

Load studies and energy assessments

  • Monitor maximum power demand over user-defined averaging periods
  • Demonstrate the benefit of efficiency improvements with energy consumption tests
  • Measure harmonic distortion caused by electronic loads
  • Analyze reliability problems by capturing voltage dips and swells from load switching


  • Load studies – verify electrical system capacity before adding loads
  • Energy assessments – quantify energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy saving devices
  • Frontline troubleshooting – quickly diagnose problems on‐screen to get your operation back online
  • Quality of service compliance – validate incoming power quality at the service entrance
  • Long‐term analysis – uncover hard‐to‐find or intermittent issues
  • Analyze reliability problems by capturing voltage dips and swells from load switching

What’s Included:

  • i430-Flexipack 4 current clamps
  • 5 Test leads, 4 black, 1 green
  • 5 Alligator clips, 4 black, 1 green
  • BC430 Battery charger eliminator
  • Power Log Software
  • OC4USB Optical cable for USB
  • WC100 Color localization set
  • Getting Started (booklet)
  • User Manual (CD-ROM)
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Battery Life 7 hours
Battery Type nimh
CAT III Rating 1000v
CAT IV Rating 600v
Current AC Accuracy 0.5% vnom
Current DC Accuracy 0.10%
Current Inputs 4
Dimensions 256 mm x 169 mm x 64 mm (10 in x 6.5 in x 2.5 in)
High Speed Capture Rate 200
IP Rating ip51
Memory 8
Operating Temperature 0 °c to +50 °c (32 °f to 122 °f)
Sample Rate 20.48
Storage Temperature -20 °c to +60 °c (-4 °f to +140 °f)
Typical Recording Period 7
Voltage AC Accuracy 0.5% vnom
Voltage DC Accuracy 0.10%
Voltage Inputs 4
Weight 2 kg (4.5 lb)


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