Fluke 1735 Three Phase Power Logger


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The Fluke 1735 Three Phase Power Logger is the idea tool for electrical load studies, energy consumption testing and general power quality logging.

The Fluke 1735 logs most critical three-phase power parameters plus harmonics and captures voltage events. The Fluke 1735 can log rms voltage, rms current, phase angle, voltage events, voltage and current THD, voltage and current harmonics up to the 50th, active power, reactive power, power factor, active energy, reactive energy, and more.

With memory for up to 45 days of data, the 1735 can uncover intermittent or hard-to-find issues.

Set up the 1735 in seconds, with the included flexible current probes and color display.

The four current probes are connected with one plug, the instrument automatically detects, scales and powers the probes. These variable range current probes are easily set to 15 A, 150 A, or 3000 A for high accuracy in nearly any application.

The voltage connections are single leads, enabling easy and quick setups. The color screen provides instant confirmation that connections are correct, and then logging begins when you press the RECORD button.


  • Load studies – verify electrical system capacity before adding loads
  • Energy assessments – quantify energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy saving devices
  • Harmonics measurements – uncover harmonic issues that can damage or disrupt critical equipment
  • Voltage event capture – monitor for dips and swells that cause spurious resets or nuisance circuit breaker tripping

See the additional tabs above this content for features, specifications, virtual demos and other documents and list of what’s included with the Fluke 1735 three phaser power logger.

What’s Included:
• 4 flexible current probes (15 A/150 A/3000 A)
• Power Log software
• Voltage leads and clips
• Color localization set
• PC interface cable
• International ac adapter (115/ 30 V, 50/60 Hz)
• Printed English manual
• Multi-language manual CD
• Soft carry case

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Accuracy 1.50%
Approvals ul,csa
Battery Life (max) 12
Battery Type nimh
EN61010-1 CAT III 600
Install Location outside panel
Max Volts AC 830
Max Volts DC 600
Operating Frequency 50/60
Power Source battery or ac
Sample Rate 170
Weight 3.74


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