JTE Dry Battery 80Ah

1. Eco-friendly and Free Maintenance

Using new technologies for the production technique: combines with SiO2 and sulphuric acid, with high-quality polymer materials.

Pollution-free: During the process of operating, there is no pollution-caused in surrounding area. The standard of the environmentally-friendly, green production conforms to internationally recognized standard.

2. Long-term Life Cycle

Full silica Gel is utilized to ensure extremely long cycle life and excellent performance under high temperature. No water needed in the process of using. no acid mist and no sulfuric acid spilled. Using special material-silicon sulfide, negative plate with low interference on curing sulfuration, positive plate with low shelling.

3. Low Self-discharge

Designed to comply with high quality and natural raw materials and a set of strict production process.

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Model 6-CN-200
Weight 58
Normal voltage 12
Normal capacity 200 Ah
Dimensions (mm) Length ±2 mm 520
Width ±2 mm 240
Height ±2 mm 220
Total height ±2 mm 225
Terminal M8


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