Inverex Solar Hybrid VMIII 5.2kw Inverter



  • Pure sine wave
  • Smart LCD display
  • Output power factor one
  • Can work without battery
  • Multi function programmable
  • Compatible with WAPDA mains
  • MPPT solar charge controller
  • Battery equalization (increase battery life)
  • Integrated Bluetooth interface with android app
  • Multiple options: Wall mount
  • Rapid Charger with adjustable battery charging
  • Selectable charging current
  • Provides critical overload/overcharging  & short circuit protection
  • Generator & Computer related devices compatible
  • Cold start function


  • 3rd Generation Smart And Intelligent Solar Inverter
  • premium Quality
  • 5.2 kw
  • work Without Battery
  • battery Equalization
  • integrated Bluetooth Interface With Android App
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • output Power Factor One
  • 1 year warranty of product

Company: INVEREX
Product: Pure Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Inverter (UPS)
1st time in Pakistan
3rd generation smart and intelligent solar inverter
Model: Axpert VM-III 5.2KW
Rated Capacity: 5200Watt, 48V DC, 230VAC
Solar Capacity: 4000Watt
Suitable for: 2 Inverter Air Conditioner + 1 HP Water Pump + Washing Machine + 2 Refrigerator + 2 LCD + 10Fans + 10 Energy Saver
Application: Home / Office (Ideal for Long Backup)
Suitable for: (All type of home / office appliances)
Air conditioner, Water Pump, Washing Machine, TV / LCD, Computers, Laptop, Fans, Tube Light & Other Electronic Items / Medical Instruments
Origin: Taiwan
Assembled in: China


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