YSL-2000HD Multi-function Yarn Speed & Length Meter

YSL-2000HD Multi-function Yarn Speed & Length Meter


The CHECK-LINE YSL-2000HD combines the functions of three separate instruments in one, easy-to-use device.

It accurately measures the speed and length of yarns, and other filaments using a unique “wrapper” roller. This precision roller directs the filament onto the low-inertia, U-grooved measuring wheel to maximize contact and eliminate filament slip and breakage.

The YSL-2000HD can also be used as either a contact or non-contact tachometer to measure rotational speeds of shafts, motors, pulleys, etc. or linear speeds of moving surfaces such as conveyor belts, webs of paper or fabric, etc.

Product Description

Measuring Ranges
RPMNon-Contact: 1.00 – 99,999 rpm
Contact: 1.00 – 19,999 rpm
Surface Speed0.30 – 6,500 feet/min
0.10 – 1,999 meters/min
4.0 – 78,000 inches/min
Length0.01 – 99,999 feet
0.02 – 99,999 meters
1.0 – 99,999 inches
Resolution.01 from 0 – 100
.1 from 100 – 1,000
1 from 1000 – 99,999
Yarn/Wire Diameter (max.)Yarn: 1mm Wire: 0.3mm
Accuracy± 0.02% of reading or 1 digit
Display5 – Digit LCD, 10mm high
Decimal PointAutomatic
Memory SystemMaximum, minimum, and last reading (retained in memory for the life of the batteries)
Measurement SystemNon-Contact: Visible LED light beam
Contact: Contact adapter
Sensing DistanceUp to 14 inches (350mm)
Display Update Time0.5 seconds or one measuring
Auto Power OffAfter 30 seconds of non-use (minimum, maximum and last reading retained in memory)
Battery Life20 hours continuous use
Weight6 ounces (170 grams)
Housing MaterialABS Plastic
Operating Temperature32 to 122º F (0 to 50º C)
Storage Temperature-4 to 150º F (-20 to 70º C)
Optional AccessoriesShaft extension, 3.15 inches (80 mm)


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