Narada 2V 1500AH Cell

Narada Features:

The Eos range of VRLA batteries offers outstanding performance including
a 15+ year design life and a cycle life in excess of 1200 cycles to 80% DOD.
Built to the highest standards and compliant with the latest IEC60896-21/22
standard this range also offers 100% capacity out-of-the-box and is capable
of handling deep discharges for complete peace of mind. The use of flexible
connectors and several optional racking systems allows for multiple
installation possibilities. This robust design uses the latest AGM technology
to create a range that is suitable for many applications including both fixed
and mobile telecom’s, UPS, utilities and solar.

  • Warranty: 02 Months


Feel free to contact us:
Mobile: 030 77 381 381



Model Eos-1500
Voltage 2
Capacity (AH) 1500
Weight 92 Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 265.5mm×229mm×555mm
Max Charge Current Allowed 375A


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